Can a man find glory in a hole? Do you really find glory? I've always thought of it as something more of an achievement. You achieve glory. Well, most of us don't, but some do/have. I've always thought that the "glory hole" term was meant to be ironic, like happy hour at a bar. It's when the saddest drunks get their drinks at a discount. Ya don't shove your dick into the unknown and expect something good to happen. Probably the opposite. Of course, i've nver been one to put my pal into places unknown, but maybe that's because we're cool. Maybe the guys who shove their dicks into the unknown are hoping soemthing bad happens. Maybe they want the dick gone but can't figure out how to do it themselves? I dunno. I'm a simple guy. This is funny, tho



Another thing about Knob, there's noen ofthat "customer is always right" bullshit like today. No, the editors were openly hostile to their readers. I find that oddly refreshing. I get it, you work on something for hours and hours and thensme dipshit waddles in adn takes a giant shit on your work. The internet'sonly made this worse because anybody anywhere can share their opinon wihtout even leaving the house. You can ruin someone's day in your underpants. I guess that's progress. 

I clipped this one, because it's funny, but also because it references a piece I already clipped for a previous post.



This one really takes me back. Back in the day, there wasn’t no internet and so unless you found some Playboy’s under a log in the woods or or you had Cinemax, there wasn’t much available information into women’s bodies. There was the National Geographic, sure, but that was only waist up stuff. Yeah, young people have it easy these days. If you’re dating someone and they say something is off or funny about your body, you can prolly just send them links to other examples of the same type of bodily quirk having sex, maybe even with another human.


I been posting here and forgetting about all the little one-offs they have in every issue. I’ll clip more of those. They just sqeeze things in anywhere there's space. This one was pretty small but I blew it up a bit to make it easier to read. It was down in a corner on a page with an article on outhouses, so they were thematically linkes. No matter how much stuff changes, aliens probing people is a constant throughout the ages. Not sure how they found time to build the pyramids…


Wondering if a woman would be a better dick pilot, for lack of a better term, than a man. I could really see it go either way. Sure the guy has more hands on experience, heh heh, but the lady would know what she wants it to do and how. Feel free to chime in in the comments.


Dig this crazy ad! Google says that Ikea opened in Canada in ‘76, before America. Weird, huh? That was the thing with Knob Magazine, the ads could be better than the actual content, sometimes.


Pretty sure I actually remember reading this one as a kid back when I'd sneak into the old man's magazines. Course I still thought girl swere icky and the last thing I'd want was dating advice. Now I'm all grown up and single again, maybe now's the time to put some of these old nuggests into practive...


 I couldn't remember which page I sent you last time adn didn't want to keep forwading emails so I got this site set up. It's free so don't worry, and you can send the links to your friends or whatever. Maybe we'll go vital.

I left the comments on to see if anybody finds this, what they have to say. Myabbe it'll just be spam. I don't ever really hear anybody talk about Knob Magazine anymore, so here the are. They'be been out of business for years so I don't think they're gonna sue me, but if you are about to sue me, let me know and I'll take this all down. The copywrite notices on the issues are all jokey so I can't tell who even owned any of this stuff when it was published. I put the issue date in as the title in case somebody wants to hunt down a copy for themselves. You just don't see stuff like this anymore.


Best of Knob... again.

 Well, I started out on Tumblr, but apparently you can't show "realistic" penises over there. Drawings. Of penises.  Whatever. so I'm migrating those posts here and that account will be no longer. New stuff will appear here. enjoy.