Been a long time since I been in school and just about as long since I did anything that owuld makeme see anting other than a pink elephant. yah knw, I never even seen a pink elephant. i think you gotta stop drinking to see those and I sure as shit ain't doin' that. This one referenced this one i already posted  Knob and its readers always had a strong sense of its history, either that ort they were lazy and kept recycling rthe same jokes. Not sure there's even a differnece. Heh hehe he. 




 You can see from my profile picture that I got some beard goin', but not for any real reason other than laziness. I'm just not going to scrape my facewith shapr metal frist thing in the morning, not gonna do it. Fuck htat. So it would be a might hypocritical of me to ask a woman to do something I ain't willing to do, but that seems to be the thing now. Bush is retro, maybe it'll comeback. Got me, by the time I see pussy again i the flesh, they might have teeth from the nukes or whtaver. 

I'm like 98% sure those discolorations are just WD-40. 'Course I never smelled my old man's jizz, unlike most of you, so maybe it had chemically smell other than bleach, I dunno. I know he liked his women how he didn't like his roads on a rainy night, real curvy and sorta confuseng.



Yeah, everybody's always tellin' everykbody else ta gofuck themselves, but noboedy ever really thinks about what that means, you know? That's what I like about Knob Magazine, they do. They work through it all, and it alwys gives me a chuckle. I woulda thought fuck myself, i'd hafta create some kida device so like when I pushed in it'd push in on the other side, get me? I dunno, been drinking a bit much... might take advantage of myself...



This one made me think of the joke name Buster Hymen. I cna't remember fi there was a joke or something or if that was a guys' name in a movie or something? Maybe a prank phone call like Mike Hunt, which doesn't look bad when you look at the words, you really gotta say that one. I tink there was aome music guy called Dick Hymen but that dosn't really tell a story like Buster Hymen, Dick Hymen is just a few related words, but Buster Hymen is like a complete sentence. What's it called when a sentence tells you to do something again? Like Jump! is a complete sentence because it tells whoever hears it to do that thing. Whatever. This is later in the run of the magazine, so maybe they were running otu of dick jokes. 



I never did an orgy or anything liek that. One time i had sex with two different womein in the same year and that seemed like a lot. I dunno, maybe I'm not social, but I don't want too many people around when my balls come out. Seems like a bad design, ahving 'em just hang out like that, where anybody could just grab 'em and tear 'em off and run away. I guess if it's cold that's less of a risk.