Meat cute, amirite? That would be more like if the caption was "you cum here often?" but it ain't. i guess i'd myabe go with "how can you have a headache, you don't have a head" or soemthing liek that. i dunno, i just like this one, like the melting clocks from the poster my buddy had up on his wall. yeah, he smoked dope a few itmes and studden was into art. go figure. 



This one gets at a good point, hairstyles. A lady witha differnet hairdo is a different lady. It's gotta be psychological or something. Whenever I was dating a woman, whenever she got a haircut, one that i noticed, it was like geting a whole new girlfriend. New haircut sex is like dating an ex, you don't have all the nerves to worry about because you've been there before, but it's still fresh and new. Too bad this doesn't work the same when you shave your pubes since I'm the only action i got going on right now. Wait! I forgot about the stranger, haven't tried that in a long time. Okay, bye. 





Not sure this counts as a sweet tooth. Maybe a salty tooth? I woulda wrote it to be "I hope it's baustun creme pie" soyou'd know they were in Boston when they got the creampie. but wait... creampie's downstairs. What do you even call a mouthload? There's gotta be a name for that, right? It think it's a snowball if they spit it back in your mouth, but what if they don't? Well, that's something to think about...