I'm not the best driver, i'll be honest. i'm not even in the running. I'm not even an OK driver. I'm technically only a driver at all becasue I operate a motor vehicle sos I can do my life stuff. Ahyway, this one day I almost ran over a nun. Old school nun, blakc and white. That was the problem, she really blende din with the crosswalk because the road was wet and had been paved relatveily recently. So I thought she was the cross walk and not on the corsswalk. I missed her by a little and in the rear view I saw her do, i'm not kidding, teh full Sean Waltman/X-Pac's “suck it” crotch chop. She did it good, there's no chance that was her first time. Anyway, this bit made me think of that. 




I dunno if it's a rash or what, but damn I'm itchy. Not like i'm gonna go tot he fuckin' dr, tho, my healthcare is shit. At this point, letting whtaaevr it is ravage my body is the only thing i can afford, and likely the only ravishing in my future. Laughter is the best medicine, tho, ain't it? Ain't nothing ever got me down so low that Dr. Knob couldn't perk me up right away.




You know, not everybody has love, but everybody has a seat... most people have a seat, I had a math teacher once that had his ass shot off in the war. I don't know what war it was or how the ass got shot off, but I know his pants hung like drapes from his lower back. Anyhoo, that's off topic, what i'm saying is you don't have to be in lvoe to have a love seat, trust me. 



Man... letters pages. I wuz just thinking how crazy that shit is. People would actually write on pieces of paper and those would get taken to other people. Well... I was getting nostalgiac about all that and then i realized that that meant that  these readers had their grubby little mits on the actual paper that would be delivered. I don't love email, but you never get a pube stuck to anything. I can't believe they even accepted letters, straight from your dick beaters to our secratary's... clit slappers?. it was a more trusting time, i guess, or maybe there were pubes on everything since nobody shaved that snizz