You can see from my profile picture that I got some beard goin', but not for any real reason other than laziness. I'm just not going to scrape my facewith shapr metal frist thing in the morning, not gonna do it. Fuck htat. So it would be a might hypocritical of me to ask a woman to do something I ain't willing to do, but that seems to be the thing now. Bush is retro, maybe it'll comeback. Got me, by the time I see pussy again i the flesh, they might have teeth from the nukes or whtaver. 

I'm like 98% sure those discolorations are just WD-40. 'Course I never smelled my old man's jizz, unlike most of you, so maybe it had chemically smell other than bleach, I dunno. I know he liked his women how he didn't like his roads on a rainy night, real curvy and sorta confuseng.

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